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File outside his house

File is twelve years old and was born blind in a brutal sugarcane batey of the Dominican Republic. File's father came from Haiti in search of a living wage. He cuts sugarcane for twelve hours but makes only a few dollars each day. This is not enough to provide for his family. File's mother died while giving birth to one of his younger siblings. File never had any formal education and spent his days washing pots or wandering around the batey. He and his family struggled just to eat. They had no access to clean water nor adequate healthcare. Circle of 12 is getting File a Braille teacher and providing his family with food and medical care.

Santos in his family's shack

Santos is twenty three and has Cerebral Palsy. He is malnourished, cannot speak, and is incontinent. His family has no income because his father was blinded in a sugarcane field accident in 1980. Santos and his family live in a tiny shack with a concrete floor. They struggle to survive and Santos has received no special care. His mother washed his pants at least four times a day to try to keep the flies away. Circle of 12 provided food and is working to get Santos speech and occupational therapy. Santos now has plastic sheets and adult diapers, allowing him to be dry throughout the day for the first time in his life.

Nanetta with her mother

Nanetta is fifteen and also has Cerebral Palsy. Circle of 12 has helped her family to receive badly needed food and is providing her with weekly physical therapy sessions. Nanetta can now open her hand for the first time in years!

These children are just a small sample of those in the Bateyes that need help, and with your help the Circle of 12 can raise the standard of living for them. Our mission is to help the special needs children and adults of the sugar cane Bateyes live a better life. One child at a time!

Nanetta recieves physical therapy near her house

Emanuel's lying on his wheelchair

Mailona was born with a malformed brain. Neglected and abandoned by her young mother with HIV, Circle of 12 found a home for Mailona where she now receives love, affection, food, clothing, and medicine.